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Detailed Look into the C7 Corvette's Tremec TR6070 7 Speed Manual Transmission

GM High Tech Performance's look into the Corvette's 7-speed manual transmission.

Pulling through the gears under wide-open throttle is an awe inspiring, adrenaline releasing experience for just about every performance-loving guy, or gal. However, drivers and vehicles alike have limited capabilities thanks to the technology transferring the drivetrain power all the way down to the ground, known as the transmission. From automatics to manuals, and even the paddle-shifted hybrid boxes, the standard rowing equipment has been vastly altered as technology advances. Hell, four-speeds are almost extinct. Each year more efficient transmission platforms are introduced. Following suit this year, the 2014 Corvette Stingray has once again extended the bar, or the gears for that matter, making seven-speeds the new standard ‘Vette platform. The technologically advanced tranny by Tremec, dubbed the TR6070, will easily accommodate GM’s new 6.2-liter small-block LT1, boasting 460 horsepower and 465 pound-feet of torque in its most potent form.

The successful partnership between Tremec and GM is evident in the products produced and implemented in past vehicle lineups. The additional seventh gear brings along some added bonuses, but is it completely worth the extra shift? Why not just use a six-speed transmission, like the successful and strong TR6060 found in the C6 Z06? Well, it appears that GM has decided to incorporate a new seven-speed for a number of reasons, just as many other automakers have. For instance, the new C7 Corvette will benefit from increased gas millage, while still maintaining a competitive zero-to-sixty time of 3.8 seconds (Z51 Package). Thanks to perfect ratios for acceleration and a seventh gear for cruising, the ‘Vette can still do a quarter-mile in a quick twelve seconds flat while knocking down over 26 miles per gallon. With gas prices rising and never looking back, added miles between fill-ups is a welcomed benefit, especially when speaking of a high-performance sports car. However, simply getting better gas mileage isn’t convincing enough. The TR6060 was a capable transmission. What makes the TR6070 better than the TR6060?

When compared to the TR6060, the TR6070 has improved on a few components. For starters, the TR6070 synchronizers feature “hybrid” friction elements, for increased capacity, and faster synchronization time. In order to achieve an improved shift performance over the previous transmission, speed gears and shift collars have altered, asymmetrical “advanced clutching teeth.” The new TR6070 is only 42-millimeters longer than the TR6060, and weighs only 4-kilograms more, thanks to enhanced gear cross sections and hollow shaft technologies.

Here are the ratios for the TR6070 in the base C7 Stingray and the Z51 Performance Package

Name:  Screen Shot 2013-08-02 at 8.18.04 AM.jpg
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The new TR6070 is following in the footsteps of the TR6060, found in a few General Motors’ applications, like the C6 Z06. The TR6070 really does have the same DNA as the TR6060, if you will, coming from the same family bloodlines, and the same machinery. Both are aluminum cased, and considering the TR6060 is good for at least 600 pound-feet of torque, and the TR6070 has to be right there too. The new TR6070 still has the same electronic reverse inhibitor, output speed sensor, 1-4 “skip shift” solenoid, a reverse lamp switch, and a transmission temperature sensor. With that being said, instead of completely throwing away what was learned from the efficient TR6060, it looks like GM has simply expanded on the successes.

The gear ratio setup in the TR6070 C7 follows the TR6060 in the C6 Z06, but with an additional seventh-gear (see ratio chart). The triple overdrive tranny has close ratios and the final gear will help the new Stingray exceed the previous generation in fuel efficiency. The gearing changes slightly in the Z51 performance package C7 Stingray, having the same final drive, but slightly different ratios. The automatic version of the C7 will (again) have a six-speed paddle-shift Hydra-Matic 6L80, just for comparison sake, and the final drive ratio will be 2.56 (and 2.73 for the Z51 package).

The new Stingray shifting experience offers other great features for the driver too. For starters, the new seven-speed will be enjoyable and entertaining for the new owner to navigate, thanks to the integrated auto-blip technology. The TR6070 has an added gear position sensor, assisting in the new shift feature – rev-matching has never been easier. Whether on the upshift or downshift, the computer-assisted program will perfectly and smoothly rev-match the selected gear, making changes nearly seamless. Thankfully, the driver-assist can be switched off with the buttons on the steering wheel, for the true enthusiast, still looking to accomplish an equally revved, heel-toe gear transfer. The lightning fast gear changes are made possible by the dual-mass flywheel, coupled with the dual disc clutch, resulting in a solid shift quality and feel through a lower inertia.

Name:  Screen Shot 2013-08-02 at 9.34.18 AM.jpg
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Name:  Screen Shot 2013-08-02 at 9.33.59 AM.jpg
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Great information. Wish there is more about the upcoming 8-speed automatic as well.
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its awesome.. just think they should of shortened 5th and 6th a hair..
5th goes to 213mph and 6th goes to 265mph
4th ends at 151mph..
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Looks good on paper but my TR-6060 was garbage. It was the main reason why I traded my C6 Z06, grinding gears....
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Originally Posted by C6Z06dude View Post
Looks good on paper but my TR-6060 was garbage. It was the main reason why I traded my C6 Z06, grinding gears....
Wonder if early problem or just one bad apple. Over on the camaros bunch of us over 700hp no issues. 75k miles on mine
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nope my TR6060 was junk too. GM replaced mine 3 times. Was finally told it was a unrepairable problem. Never could get clean under full power shifts. Gears would grind all the way around the track. Also had the issue with the transmissions overheating and blowing oil out the seals. That was finally ruled a engineering flaw with plastic vent tubes melting under heat and closing up. Make the trans a bomb. Lost several races due to it. Lets hope for a better version this time around and if not I will be out there giving them all they can handle.
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Hello guys;
I have 1600 miles on my C7. It's a manual transmission. I'm not sure if this is normal: there's a sound (I think from the clotch-tranny, like a loose gap between gear wheels backing up and down "clack-clack") when I start moving the car and change gears (if pressing the pedal) at low speed (more evident changing from 1st-2nd). Can anyone tell me if this is normal? I havent drive a manual Vette before (specially C7). I was thinking of taking it to the dealer but by my area we have some jerks that would lie to your face in order not to work.
Some help please....
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