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Old 04-17-2019, 11:37 AM   #1
Drives: Chevrolet Camaro SS 1LE
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Location: NC
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Dealer Joyride in my 1LE

Good afternoon everyone, Iíve been putting this off for a little while because honestly, I am hating having to write this sort of negative review, but I do want to warn everyone about a recent experience Iíve had with John Heister Chevrolet in Fuquay Varina NC. Recently I brought my 2018 Chevrolet Camaro SS 1LE to John Heister because it had an air conditioning that was not blowing cold, coming off the winter I wasnít sure how long it had been going on. I bought the car in September, so I havenít really used the AC much. I brought it in and explained to the service writer that there is an AC issue and that the car does NOT need to be test driven because it can only be one of a few things; I said either the compressor is faulty, or there is low refrigerant or a refrigerant leak. For my background, Iím a Mechanical Engineer and I work for Caterpillar as a Manufacturing Engineering Manager over one of our skid steer lines and we fill the machines with R-134a. I told him this and I told him that Iíve service machines that fill refrigerant on a production level and know what sort of failures they experience. So they took my car and I proceeded to wait, I canít sit still so I walked around, I noticed technicians smoking, playing on their phones and just flat out not working while there were cars waiting and bays emptyÖall in I waited 2.5 hours for the car to get done for a problem I had already explained what was wrong. Thatís not the part thatís bothering me. Whatís bothering me is while I was walking around I watched the mechanic drive up to the dealer exit and then spin tires turning onto the highway. I asked the service writer why he was taking my car for a ride when I told him that it didnít need to be taken, he ďexplainedĒ to me that the mechanic needed to listen to the fans, I told him that was bull and doesnít make sense because there is nothing wrong with the fans itís the AC that had issues. When the mechanic came back the service writer came and found me and said that the mechanic thinks my ďracing partsĒ are the problem, I asked ďwhat parts explicitly because the only part on the car is the Chevrolet Performance Air Intake, and thatís a part from Chevrolet that doesnít void anything on the warranty?Ē He replied with ďI donít know he assumed that because there are numbers on the side of the car that itís some sort of racing part you put on the car.Ē Letís be clear, there were numbers on the car because I do track the car, but I run it stock because I want the factory warranty on the car. A little while later the car was charged with refrigerant and I got in to go home and noticed that the mechanic has listened to the XM radio (since the station was not one I listen to) while he was supposed to be ďlistening to the fansĒ and then I went home. Within the next couple of days I checked my OnStar report and noticed that the technician went for a crazy joy ride at over 80 mph and had hard acceleration and hard braking. This was on a colder wet/rainy day in March and honestly those Goodyear Eagle F1 SuperCar 3 tires do not like cold or rain and they especially donít like that together. Additionally, from the hard acceleration I know he wasnít testing the AC because the computer turns the compressor off under hard acceleration. I got in touch with the dealer and had a little back and forth with them but they ultimately told me that they disciplined their employee and wanted to pay me a $100 visa gift card for my trouble. Honestly, I feel like this is bad business, because Iíve had to contact them repeatedly and there was a good possibility for them wrapping my car around the tree. I agree with them disciplining their employee but thatís their problem not mine, my problem was they treated my $45,000 car like it was their personal toy. I also told them that this isnít the first time this problem has happened, it also happened with my wifeís 2018 Chevrolet Traverse Redline when she went in for an oil change. They took it for a joy ride, she waited over 2 hours for an oil change, and after she left the check engine light came on because they didnít tighten the oil cap down. Iíve attached the OnStar screenshots so everyone can see what Iím saying and not just think Iím being a crazy person on a rant about a dealer, like I said, Iíve put this off because Iíve tried to work with them and now Iím just irritated. I know not everyone on here lives local to Fuquay Varina, but I wanted to warn you about this dealer, because it seems like if you have a high performance or fun car they like to run it like a scalded dog. And I also wanted to let you know if you have it run valet mode and definitely check your OnStar reports. Youíve worked hard to have a nice Camaro or a Corvette or whatever youíre driving, and nobody deserves this. Youíve been warned, thank you for listening.
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Old 04-21-2019, 07:16 PM   #2
Drives: 2001 Camaro
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Man sorry to hear about the issues and hassle. Hope they will hear you.
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