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Originally Posted by BaylorCamaro View Post
Well this is annoying to hear. A family member picked up a C7 Z51 that is an A8 and I was going to track it. I have had ZERO issues with my A6 in my ZL1 and I track the piss out of that thing, doing 30+ minute sessions down here in HOT Texas weather.

The Z51 already has a trans cooler so that begs the question of is the ZL1 and/or Z06 trans cooler really that much better? Honestly I'm a bit surprised that the ZL1's A6 doesn't have issues but the C7's A8 does.
I agree with your comments Baylorcamaro, if I had knew that my 5th gen '14 Camaro ZL1 was able to perform better at the track without overheating its transmission like my '14 Stingray Z51 (both A6 automatic transmissions) which is not able to finish any track course without overheating, I had kept my bullet proof ZL1 without "upgrading" to the Stingray. This was marketing BS from GM selling us a Z51 track packaged Corvette optioned in automatic transmission which is not a real sport car its just a tour car, shame on GM which doesn't give us a solution and neither allowing us to correct their engineering failure, just by us adding transmission coolers, since this would void our warranty, not even we are able to use their additional improved cooler that came standard on the '16 year Z51.
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I'm sitting at a vendor's shop as I type this waiting on them to install their newly released solution. I'm going with what they call their stage II which is larger pan that holds 4 additional quarts of fluid and replacing the stock cooler with a more efficient cooler. They offer a stage III which replaces the pan and instead of simply replacing stock cooler keeps it, but puts in line with the stage II cooler. Stage I is just the larger pan. . .

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in this case, I changed the brake fluid and made thermal insulation of the pipes, the problem disappeared, but for how long
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