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Oil change over fill in Non-Z51

Took my 2014 C7 (non-Z51) into the dealer for a routine oil change. On driving home from work the next day, I noted some smoke behind me on the freeway as I looked in the rear view mirror. At first I thought it was somebody else and "not my car". After a 2nd and 3rd time I was seeing smoke I pulled off the freeway to check things out.

My first thought was that oil had been slopped on something that was now hot and it was just burning off. I checked the dip stick it was well over the top fill and I had just turned the car off.

I called the dealer and asked if they keep track of how much oil they put in. He indicated they did and told me my car had 9.8 quarts added. I indicated that this was NOT a Z51 car and he then referred me to the shop manager who told me not to drive any further and have it towed in.

Questions 1) Can 9.7 qts even be added to C7? 2) Where would excess oil go in this situation? 3) what kind damage could have been done by this error? 4) options to correct?
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