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Closed Thread
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Old 11-14-2013, 03:32 PM   #3431
Drives: C6 Vert
Join Date: May 2013
Location: chicago
Posts: 41
Becky- RFVZR5
any TPW available?
Thanks for all you do.
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Old 11-14-2013, 04:50 PM   #3432
Jabs's Avatar
Drives: 2010 Black Camaro SS Stage 2
Join Date: Nov 2010
Location: Mclean VA
Posts: 604
Hey Becky,

Just wanted to see if RKFNVV in VA has moved off of the 1100 code? Thank you

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Old 11-14-2013, 07:17 PM   #3433
Drives: 2014 Corvette Coupe On Order
Join Date: Nov 2013
Location: United States
Posts: 2
Hi Becky, Wow!! I found this forum today and found this opportunity today!!
This is the first time I have checked my order #RJVSSZ which was ordered in Illinois.
I am hoping to get a good news on the status. Thanks in advance.
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Old 11-14-2013, 09:05 PM   #3434
shreded1's Avatar
Drives: 2012 ZL1
Join Date: Sep 2011
Location: Dallas
Posts: 36
Can you please check RKKN5T in Il please.
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Old 11-14-2013, 10:46 PM   #3435
Drives: White C7 Z51 (hopefully soon)
Join Date: Oct 2013
Location: Deer Park, TX
Posts: 27
Good evening/morning Becky, Can you check on RJRVX2 (TX) for me please?
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Old 11-15-2013, 01:13 AM   #3436
Drives: chevy corvette
Join Date: Oct 2013
Location: miami
Posts: 31
Hi Becky. Has it left Bowling Green? RHMMRB
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Old 11-15-2013, 03:54 AM   #3437
craig c
Drives: 07 solstice gxp
Join Date: Oct 2008
Location: tx
Posts: 7
Originally Posted by craig c View Post
Becky can you please check again for me, RJNX80 Texas
thanks again
Please check again , Thank you
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Old 11-15-2013, 08:23 AM   #3438
Drives: 2014 Chevrolet Corvette Coupe
Join Date: Oct 2013
Location: Naples, FL
Posts: 7
Becky, my oasis of certainty in a sea of doubt, I feel our relationship is ready for the next stage:

May I please know the latest status for RHNBVB?

Thanks again.
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Old 11-15-2013, 08:46 AM   #3439
2nd time a thrill
Drives: 1981 c10
Join Date: Oct 2013
Location: Dallas, Texas
Posts: 21

Hi, Becky
Are you ready for the weekend.
Any movement on my order#RGPBBF.

Thanks, have a great weekend.
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Old 11-15-2013, 08:52 AM   #3440
Drives: C6 Grand Sport/C7 Stingray/C7 GS
Join Date: Oct 2013
Location: Texas
Posts: 30
Good Morning Becky,
Enjoyed your post and photos of your trip to Spring Mountain Motor Resort/Country Club. That must have been an experience of a life time!

Would you please check my status the next time you do an update for everyone? It sure would be a great way to start the weekend knowing that they have started to put it together, maybe a TPW or vin # would certainly be encouraging. The day I ordered it my dealership told me that I would hopefully have it by sometime in December, what a Christmas present that would be. I am kind of concerned after reading some posts about the roof panel constraints. RJJM41/TX Thank you!!!! Marsha
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Old 11-15-2013, 10:02 AM   #3441
Drives: tripple black GS 2012 centennial se
Join Date: Nov 2013
Location: Dallas TX
Posts: 15
Hi Becky, I hope you have a great weekend. Please check on RGRC7T for me. I can feel it now.
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Old 11-15-2013, 10:26 AM   #3442
jb306y's Avatar
Drives: 2014 Corvette
Join Date: Oct 2013
Location: Ohio
Posts: 40
Hi Becky,, It's been 5 days since we last checked, can you please see if it's done or have a VIN yet.

I've been at 3400 for 12 days........ I think I need medication.. LOL!!


Much Appreciated,,
Thanks, Jim

I just got the mobile app to work and it says my car is #4, Status:shipped/En Route to dealer..... is that right Becky ????? Make me happy and tell me it's at 4200 or 5000...



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Old 11-15-2013, 10:27 AM   #3443
Drives: sold 2006 C6 Vert, 1975 vet vert
Join Date: May 2013
Location: Oklahoma
Posts: 28
Becky--"The Wonder Woman",

You are truely a Wonder Woman because you are so nice to help everyone keep track of their orders. Would you please check on mine to see if there is a VIN or movement from 3400.


Thanks again.
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Old 11-15-2013, 10:41 AM   #3444
asptroopa1's Avatar
Drives: 2014 Corvette
Join Date: May 2013
Location: Little Rock Arkansas
Posts: 373
We'll if you're looking for limited edition c7. The Conway Ark dealership has a saleslady put theirs thru the showroom glass I was told a few ago. Might be a scratch and sent discount
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Closed Thread

becky, beckyd, beckyd@rodgerschevrolet, tpw sorry

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