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Starkweather Performance and Tunig

I can provide more details as requested. I took my Z28 with 3000 miles to Starkweather April of 2017 and it blew up May 6, 2017 with 60 miles on the motor. They did not install the valve lash caps and it chewed up the valves and one valve dropped. He said he would cover the cost and kept my car for 11 months. He never worked on my car until I was coming to get it in January, so I left the car hoping to get it fixed. I picked up my car in March, and what parts I had there. Except for my intake, throttle body, fuel rail and injectors that were STOLEN from his shop. My car was brand new bought it off the showroom floor March 2017 because my 2014 ZL1 was stolen February 2017, video of my car being stolen was on Camaro News.

Josh Starkweather and I quote "IF I did something wrong then I would fix it." He says that his mechanic Nate claims that he put the caps on, so they must have been on. Except Nate claims he didn't even touch my motor. But between them they cannot figure out what went wrong. The money I am out is bad enough, but he could have told me last year that he was not going to fix my car and I could have been on my way. I would not let them change my oil, because if they forgot to put the oil in, well they would claim they did put in the oil, then be perplexed as to why the oil wasn't there and your motor is toast.

I was working a lot of OT last year, well every year. So I had a car event I wanted to attend in July, Josh said my car would be ready. It wasnít, he claimed that the heads were at the Vendor (West Coast Cylinder Heads) and were not back, they were never sent. So next up was September for the Coalinga Shootout, well guess what all the parts are not in so I missed that.

I went to the shop in October to see what was going on, when I said you have had my car 6 months he was like, Really John? Ok you will have your car in 2 weeks, we set a date and I take my vacation to help with the build, (hotels, meals, and my time). Get there early every morning for the first two days I am wrenching on other cars so we can get to mine, well come Wednesday we should be starting on mine. Since I know how long it takes from helping Josh a few times at his shop. I confront Josh and ask him what is going on, I am here to get my car fixed and come to find out he hasnít done anything, ordered any parts, nothing. When I arrived he said my engine was at the machine shop, Nate tells me my engine is still here and so are my heads. Wasted my time to say the least. This is now the end of October and I have yearend commitments at work and vacation for the holidays.

Now itís January and when I send the text I am coming to get my car, he says the block and heads are at the machine shop. I contact Doug Rylee Performance (great reputation and customer service) and he says I am #3 on the list and will have my motor apart and info in 1 week, and he does. Cracked sleeve, bent rod, 3 pistons for sure are bad others have pitting and possible ring groove damage. Not sure on the heads, but some serious damage. The intake valves alone are $1000, and they are well Starkweathered.

Paid $11k for upgrades, my stock motor is $14K. So I am out $25K, new block and one rod, pistons, heads, oh and intake, throttle body, injectors and fuel rail add in machine work on the short block and install and tune $22-24K. I am out $47-49K Oh I almost forgot he sold me the wrong headers, so I had to get new headers also.

Do not take your car here if something goes wrong he will not stand be his work.
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