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Per past practice, captured test fleet will be assembled in July. These are potentially sellable but you need to go to Kerbecks or the equivalent if such is your desire. Barring an unforeseeable problem coming to light in the CTF, regular production will go down the line the first Monday in August. Your May to June dates should be when Chevy starts pulling orders, ie, matching the dealer orders against allocation AND scheduling orders that have no constraints.

My memory is the Gen 5 Camaro had more pre orders in fall 2008 for production then scheduled to start in Feb 2009 (actually did not start until March 2009) than the C6 Corvette had in summer 2004.

Those built in the first two weeks of August will be at the ordering dealer sometime during the last week of August. There will be 2014 Stingrays cruising the boulevards before Labor Day. And congrats to the first half dozen who have posted the order numbers. Enjoy the ride, it is a true adult E-Ticket!


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