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Originally Posted by FenwickHockey65 View Post
I seriously hope we see another reusable spacecraft in our lifetimes. Nothing else will compare to the shuttles until that goal is achieved.

One of things I love about the Halo games is that a lot of the technology they have set in the future seems completely feasible. Like the Pelican for example. I can totally see technology progressing to the point where we have aircraft that can achieve orbit without the use of rocket boosters.

Call me a crazy man but I truly believe that one day we will harness the power of anti gravity technology.

While attending the National Flight Academy I spoke to several retired Air Force officers who swore upon the existence of "out of this world" technology. One who was stationed at Maxwell AFB spoke technology similar to this that used anti gravity and electromagnetic propulsion. These men are not the type to be dishonest; I fully trust their stories.

Physics as we know it is not written in stone. I will promise you that. Ive seen it myself.
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