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Originally Posted by C7_Z51 View Post
I refuse to go on Cracked, everytime I do 3 hours disappear.

So, question, Overflow, what's your take on reusable space vehicles? Do you think they are the way to go or going back to rockets is more preferable?

It seems that maneuverability is expanded with the Orbiter and type vehicles, but cost is expensive. Although if it could land at any runway similar tot he failed Russian attempt at it could help. Just poking your brain.
Eh. That's a difficult question.

I personally favor reusable spacecrafts like the orbiters. I feel like people connect to reusable vehicles because they begin to develop their own personalities. Did the Space Shuttles cost a fortune? Heck yes. Do reusable vehicles have the potential to be cheaper than nonreusable vehicles? Completely. I don't think it's far to use the Space Shuttle as a definition for all reusable spacecraft because in reality, the Space Shuttle was only partially reusable. The Space Shuttle wasn't exactly maneuverable because it couldn't leave LEO because of it's wings and rear stabilizers. So I do favor reusablility, but I think we need to sharpen our technology and materials before going reusable again.
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