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Originally Posted by roll_the_dice View Post
Talked to a dealer here in GA and they are taking $5k NON REFUNDABLE deposits on future allocations. They will hold a spot for me without the non refundable deposit, but it will be later in the year...I would guess first of next year personally, which may or may not be fine. I may have him hold an allocation, but plan on talking to other dealers also.

I also talked to Becky and they aren't taking any pr-orders yet. I can respect that and like how they seem to do business.
I was looking at a zl1 at robert fender of douglas. First day I couldn't believe they were asking msrp. Later that week pulled it up online and noticed the price had went up 5k.

Decided to swing by and damn if they hadnt switched the whole window sticker. I asked the salesman what changed? Well the rarity (2013 btw) and because its supercharged.....I uttered out loud "my dealer is an idiot" and walked away.

I give up locally:sad:

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Is this the new Florida Lounge?
Yes it is....rape away. Yall owe me that
Originally Posted by Stingray View Post
Rollll_! GA to FL and vice versa... neighbors.

There are dealers who will take a refundable deposit... I'd keep inquiring like you're already doing so... good luck!

We're all clamoring for the new Stingray!
Yes...we all are awesome
FASTER than my SS....for now

2500HD (with a couple parts)

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I wonder if this could be why my car idles like its retarded...
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