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Originally Posted by KMPrenger View Post
Now that we've gotten to see more on the Maverick, I think Ford did a pretty decent job here. Still not going to appeal to those guys looking for a small extended cab truck with a 6' bed, but past that I think it will find buyers. Lots of people seem to have positive comments on the hybrid engine being standard. I'd have to go with the optional 2.0, but that's just me. The mileage the standard engine is promising seems very good.

The interior looks good in my opinion. The design hides the fact that they had to go cheap on this one.

In the end I'm wondering if they are just going to end up stealing sales from themselves (Escape / Explorer / Ranger / Focus) more than from their competitors. Will be interesting to see. Great appeal for those people that are already driving smaller / cheap / good mileage cars. Now they can get all of that, but with a bed.

Isn't Kia/Hyundai due to release a mini truck soon? Maybe the proactively targeted that.
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