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Signature Pic question?

So, I see several members on here have nice size pics of their ride in their signature. I have tried to attach a properly sized pic to my sig (max of 700 x 200 pixels or 146.5 kb which ever is smaller) and have resized a pic of my new 1LE accordingly. It actually was even SMALLER than that stipulation but it gets cropped to a set size no matter how I resize or crop my pic.

Here is what I wanted to put in my sig which is 351 x 198 pixels and only 35.9 Kb. Yet - it crops it and only shows a fraction of the pic. (See my sig below.)

And I've attached what my signature looks like in preview but it still slices it to the fractional view.

Why does it do that? What am I doing incorrectly? I've even resized the pic down to half of what I'm attempting to attach and even then it barely gets the entire car in the finished sig?
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