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Originally Posted by Nick S View Post
I think it really depends on your intended use for the vehicle. If you want a fast car that is very good at everything but not the best at anything I'd get the ZL1. If you plan to use the car extensively for road course track days I'd get the Grand Sport with Z07 package. I think the Grand Sport will be a better platform for track use being naturally aspirated and quite a bit lighter (about 500 lbs lighter). This weight difference will be huge on road courses.

If you just plan to do a track day or two a year for fun and then hit the drag strip then I think the ZL1 would be your best car. The ZL1 will run very fast at the drag strip and still run very fast on the road course.

For me my next car will either be a 5th gen Z/28, 6th Gen 1LE, C7 Grand Sport or 6th gen Z/28 (once we actually know what that is). I'm waiting so I know what all the vehicle options are and prices before picking one. But I want to do Autocross (both high and low speed) and Road Course track days with my cars. So I'm looking for naturally aspirate and lighter weight. If I did more drag strip stuff I'd really look at the ZL1 but I just think that will be harder to keep in check on the road courses with heat build up, heat soak, and the added front end weight.

Don't get me wrong either, I'm not saying the ZL1 one is a bad performer on the road courses because the Nurburgring time definitely shows it's a great performer. That 10 speed trans is definitely attractive as well which is not available in the C7. The C7 is less weight though and that means it will be easier on the tires and brakes for road courses and more nimble for autocross where you don't get to use all 650 HP from the ZL1!
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