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Originally Posted by Mr24G View Post
Hey Becky. I'm in the first spot at my dealership. And my dealer said (on May 24th) that my order could be processed that day ( if I gave him an extra 2 grand) to be sent for building and I would receive it late July.
But to my understanding that production wont start till June and the first batch will be delivered on August 25th. Is he Fubaring me to get an extra 2 grand or does this sound plausible?
Trust your gut feeling. Also, 1) is the extra two grand worth it to get an early production, which will be very high qc; 2) are you comfortable rewriting a deal post agreement, unless you recognized ADM might be added going in.

I know I am not Becky and she knows she can respond freely w/o upsetting me should she want to.

According to past practice, the final runs of the captured test fleet cars will go down the line in June (some of which will later be sold as used) Although some regular production vehicles may start down the line before August, they should all show an 08/13 on the door jamb sticker. Then there is the initial quality hold, for just in case situations. Shipping will start once the first couple of weeks of production has cleared qc, probably on or about August 24. We will have a better idea of a shipping date when the first etas come out in the middle of June.

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