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There is good reason for the increased price for the visible carbon roof panel. First, the carbon fabric must be perfect in alignment, with no flaws in the weave. Any flaws would be VERY noticeable. I imagine this would be hand made for all intents and purposes, as the human eye would be much better suited to detecting such flaws than machines. Second, there is labor and material required for masking the exposed portion and the body color portion, requiring an additional run through the paint booth. Finally, the clear coat used for the exposed carbon pieces is probably the same used on the C6 Zr1 pieces, which is a special and very expensive material. There is an UV blocking ingredient that runs many thousands of dollars to the gallon used in the clear to prevent the chalking/yellowing/fading of the carbon fabric often seen on cheap aftermarket carbon parts. In all, $1995 is a very reasonable price for a very premium part!
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