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Originally Posted by GQ4Life View Post
C2M Carbon Fiber/Transparent Dual Roof Package 1Y*07 &2LT/3LT only $2,995.00
C2Q Body-Color/Transparent Dual Roof Package 1Y*07 &2LT/3LT only $1,995.00
C2Z Removable Roof Panel, Visible Carbon Fiber with body-color surround 1Y*07 &2LT/3LT only $1,995.00
CC3 Removable Roof Panel, 1-piece Transparent 1Y*07 only $995.00

when I placed order today for 1lt Z51 dealers system didnt show all these roof options just body colored and transparent.. I choice transparent so am I getting both or just transparent

also is the black wheels suppose to be $1,495 or the $495 shown..
seems weird all others $1,495 and more

All of the other roof options are only available for 2LT & 3LT's. And the $495 for the black wheels is added on to what you are already paying for wheels (included in the price).
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