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Spy shot photos "pursuit"

Allegedly: A few days ago I was on the freeway on my way to lunch and then I saw a car merging onto the freeway covered in tarps and saw Michigan plates. I knew it was a prototype car and had my friend snap some pictures. I speed up to catch up doing about 75 "which is a perfectly acceptable speed around here" and my friend then proceeded to take some pictures. As soon as these clowns saw the camera they took off weaving in and out of traffic going atleast 90 miles per hour and caused almost 3 accidents. Luckily the other drivers were actually paying attention and moved over to avoid collisions. They soon get stuck behind a row of cars and we catch up " I did not accelerate" We snapped a few more pictures I gave them the bird and called the driver an a**holes on my PA system and got off my exit. I am really disappointed in these idiots and that is why I am going to spread these pictures around as much as I can. I am going to watermark these photos and upload them in a few minutes.

EDIT: I am to lazy to add camaro5 watermarks and fix my grammar. I am laying in bed throwing up I do not care to much about details right now.

This is just a reflection of my air conditioning. It is not a louver.
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