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In my opinion, from a performance point of view, if it is in your budget buy it you won't regret it.

If not, and including myself on this, most drivers would never even come close to exceeding the limits of the base car. I had a C5 and drove what I thought was the crap out of it until I took it to Gingerman Race Track and drove with an instructor who helped me get to another level. This level was still below what I believe the car was capable of. The only upgrades I did after the track experience was a harness bar and 5-point harness from Simpson and would have eventually replaced the seats if I had kept it.

From an appearance perspective upgrades after the purchase from after market is probably more economical.

One thing I remember from one of the Tadge Juechter videos is that he said the warranty covered the car regardless if it was on track or on the street IF THE CAR REMAINED AS IS FROM THE FACTORY (less normal wear and tear items brakes/tires etc..) iIwould verify this with Chevy prior to doing any mods if maintaining the warranty is of value to you.

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