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Originally Posted by soloknight6 View Post
Uhhh yes please. I like the older Ferrari models. The Testarossa is a dream car of mine. Id own one now if I could drive it reliably on a daily basis. But with those cars, they practically need a re-build every 10,000 miles. And its not cheap! An old Ferrari costs $3.00 a mile (maintenance). The newer ones are cheaper to maintain. Im a member on the Ferrari forums lol.
You are completely wrong! I know of a 82 308 GTSi with 82000 miles on it that has yet to have a clutch replaced (Yes Original Clutch!) nor major service done to it by a dealer. CV joints still in tact and the 3 liter V8 still pulls hard. These cars can be just as reliable as a Camry, but you hear so many stories because people don't know how to care for a car. Re-builds aren't the case for ever F over 2 decades old. That being said, glad to meet another Ferrari connoisseur
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