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Originally Posted by Falundir View Post
I have the impression that the Z28 will outperform the Stingray. The only thing I find odd is to offer a Camaro that can defeat your flagship. So I expect there is something up the Stingray's sleeve that we don't know yet.

At this point I'm 85% sure I'm going to cancel my Stingray reservation and wait for the next z06.
What is Chevy doing? I feel like I love it...I am confused by it. Camaro ZL1, then the Stingray, then talk of a entry level Corvette coupe, then a Z/28. Why don't they just start producing the heck out of the Stingray and then bring to market others? I went from C7 gotta have it to well... maybe I'll wait. Strange marketing. What if the next competitor takes a leap with a similar priced car with DCT or AWD then what? Read Little Red Ink Corvette and you hope GM has learned from its past.

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