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Originally Posted by Roll_the_Dice View Post
I heard (rumors) that the new Corvette would be priced similarly to the current C6. Not sure how, but that is what I heard. Like was said above, pricing comes out in April/May. My dealer that I am putting a deposit down with said the same thing about one knows until April/May time frame. I hope it is, but I am not holding my breath.

The new Z/28 the wheels and seats, hate the rear like everyone else....I don't want a car with only 1 speaker and no A/C... or A/C as an option. If that is the only way you could reduce weight....not very imaginative, especially with lighter weight materials like carbon fiber.
hell, I'm amazed they got as much weight out as they did. The Zeta platform is a big ass car and there's no getting around it. This isn't 1967 and Penske anymore with acid dipped panels. You want fast & comfy? ZL1/ZR1 is your ride apparently as far as GM is concerned. The Z/28 is a pure track rat with zero creature comforts. And I'll agree with the haters on the new rear.
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