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2014 Stingray in the $50K Area?

I'm currently a young Camaro owner and lately I've been planning my next big vehicle purchase. I've been working hard and saving every penny but I'm not anywhere close to being made of money. I've fell in love with the 2014 Vette and would like to make it my next car but wasn't sure what to expect for a price range.

I know that there hasn't been much info yet but what are you guys expecting for some ball-park figures? I heard some people saying that there may be a base model around the low $50k area? I've also heard rumors of a $40k range smaller V8 model in the future but I'm really looking for the lowest 2014 prices. Will all the models be stingrays with 6.2 V8's or will there be others this year? I'm really hoping that $71k rumor isn't the cheapest....
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