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Originally Posted by Stingray View Post
2014 Corvette designer Kirk Bennion on resonance, legacy and the ever-evolving Vette

How have current owners responded to the Corvette?

KB: Our goal with this car was to resonate. Where it isn't just current owners but we're looking for people who are driving non-GM products to be interested in this car. We want to spread the age group. We're looking to be as diversified as possible with this car. But to do so, you really need a theme that could resonate. We got to this one internally, and we got comments from people that would say, I'm not normally a Corvette person, but I really like that car. And it wasn't uncommon to hear that many times.
I have always been a Corvette fan but hated the "stigma" that shrouded ownership. It seemed as if Corvette ownership came with the theory of suffering a mid-life crisis, much like the persona Harley ownership is becoming. I'm not saying every Corvette owner was a middle aged white guy suffering M.L.C.. But due to the influx of those owners, that was the deception people had. This kind of forward thinking in style and performance will once again prove to the world the Corvette is here to party and kick a little ass. Not fill a "reserved for" parking space at the office on the BMW's day off.
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