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just can't get enough
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Tomorrow I have another video I'll upload with a different Chevy narrator...

Originally Posted by Gohan View Post
Thanks for sharing.
So tell us, how long did you stand and drool at the C7 stand
I bet you overheard tons of woos and ahhs from everyone seeing it for the first time.
At least 2 hours each day... Sat and Sun. :biggrin1: I'm :loco: for this new C7.
And yes lots of ooh and ahhs and wows... and "it looks even more awesome in person!"
Originally Posted by DRTHVDR View Post
Great video except for the recurring butt closeups of the talking manekin.
Ahh yeah... rotating table with her presence hovering around it. :madgrin:

I dreamed of and stared at this derriere over the weekend.

4 holes with lots of mini holes!
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