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I never thought putting a badge (SS) on a car as a nameplate (SS) was a good idea. I hoped until the very end that they would give us a name for this car. In 1966, the Camaro had been called Panther up until the SEPAW press conference, where they called it a Camaro. They could have revived any sedan nameplate and made this interesting, even if the past life of that nameplate was less than stellar. Other brands have done similarly, and those cars got a new existence based on current design.

The appearance is good. It looks a lot like a Malibu that hit the gym. It certainly looks like a Chevy, but it doesn't have the extreme uniqueness I would like to see from a brand that has such excellent designers. Don't get me wrong. The car is good, but tell me it looks as good as that Corvette and that Camaro above. I'd say you're lying.

The best part of this car is the price for GM to build. It's virtually free since previous and current models using this platform make this low-production vehicle rare. As a result, it's really a profit booster, and it gives GM dealers a new car to pump. Price will become an issue for many as dealers won't give up their markup, and the car will probably never have incentives with such low production numbers.
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