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Erik@lashway 11-12-2013 10:37 PM

Worlds first turbocharged C7 built by Lashway!
After about a month of kit design, development, construction, redesign, and more construction - we're proud to announce that we have what we are pretty sure is the very first turbocharged C7 in the world!

Our kit is a rear mount set up which is much easier to adapt to these vehicles then front mount set ups. The entire kit installs in about 6 hours, is completely American made, and is PACKED with high end custom features. When I tell you we didn't cheap out on anything, I mean it. All top of the line stuff here..

Kits will be available soon for retail purchase after extensive testing (AKA beating the crap out of our car!)

Here's a short video from our test drive today:

Nate GM 11-14-2013 10:24 AM

Niiccceeee, any idea what the gains are and how much it will cost?

GunnyG 11-14-2013 10:57 AM

Can we get more than 10 seconds? :drool:

killascrimp 11-14-2013 04:22 PM

OMG sick............

showstopper 11-14-2013 07:19 PM

sounds good

Erik@lashway 11-15-2013 07:25 PM

Hey guys.

As of today, we made some more adjustments to improve FIT and FINISH which are paramount when developing a kit that will eventually be sold to the masses.

We're also messing with different wastegate spring pressure.

The tuning is also extensive on a system like this and cannot be rushed. Compile that with 30 other customer vehicle in the shop and it makes for a busy week.

Anyway, we're back at it on Sunday. She'll be on the dyno. We're hoping to release some numbers soon.

Pricing will be comparable to other FI options, and less than STS as we only have a single turbo, not twins.


Erik@lashway 11-21-2013 11:14 PM

Hello everyone. I figured I would chime in and shed some light on our kit, it's progression since its debut, and some technical aspects of it.

We started developing this kit and choosing its specific components long before our C7 showed up at our door. Our choice to go with a COMP "Oiless" turbo was a no brainer. Most folks are scared to drill and tap an oil pan, or to run a stand alone oiling system for their turbocharger so we took the guesswork out there. These turbos are proven, they work, and are completely re-buildable and serviceable, so we thought we would utilize this turbocharger on our kit.

Honestly, we're not looking to take over the market here - just build and offer something fun! STS is also developing their own twin kit I believe, and I know for a fact that other, larger performance shops will eventually produce and sell mid and front mount kits which we're excited about.

We wanted to show the performance world that we are a main stay in this business, and that we can build top notch products just like any of the other leaders in our industry...and that's what we did.

As of today, I have driven the Vette over 500 miles without a single issue. Our first and main priority is fit, finish, and the overall ruggedness of the kit. Bumps, potholes, sharp turns, 7000 RPM name it, we're putting the car and the kit through it.

We currently are limiting boost almost completely until we can clear some space on the dyno to begin the tuning process.

Fuel - it is true that fueling presents some difficulty with any power adders on these vehicles. However, our tuner and the software that we utilize, along with our knowledge and expertise in forced induction will help us to solve this bottleneck. We are not worried in the least about fueling. It'll be a matter of how we do it, not if.

The kit can produce over 750 RWHP as it sits right now. We based that calculation off of the turbo size, piping size, intercooler capacity, and of course tuning capability available.

We do not have the budget to try and blow this engine up right away, nor is that our intention. We want to build and sell a kit that will add 100-150 RWHP RELIABLY, and something that someone can install themselves in their home garage.

Our initial power goal will be 550 rwhp. Then we will go from there and see what happens.


PS---Anyone who thinks strapping on a 150 shot of spray and making big numbers is the same as building a one off blower or turbo kit, you need to check your brain. We sprayed our car with a Nitrous Express kit the first week we had the car. It's badass for sure and is brutally effective, but nothing, and I mean NOTHING compares to this.

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