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18 Camaro SS
Last pass with the factory 20inch wheels on with worn out 275/40/20 s/s tires  
Mods: PRAY stock IM/TB, E85, PCM/TCM tuning, Cat delete stock manifolds
Car came in right over 3,600lb
Cars weight 1/2 tank and just rear 17s on
New VMS 18x5 wheels
New VMS 18x5 wheels on
20200113 210322
received 595707824595519
20200113 210306
20200113 210237
20200112 185500
20200113 210426
20191227 174526
VMS 18x5 wheels
New VMS 18x5 wheels
I've made a few passes this year lol
Pic from Carolina Dragway
New Pray Performance ported stock intake/tb gonna try and make a 10sec pass with stock exhaust manifolds still on
Darlington Dragway for the StreetCar Shootout
Finally met my goal of low 11s still factory airbox, exhaust manifolds etc. Now time for bolt ons #questfor10s
Sometimes it's hard to find E85 when your traveling lol
Finally made it back to a 1/4 track. Right lane with a 11.4 still on e85 from a gas station (unknown %) getting close to my goal all still with factory exhaust, airbox, full weight, just a e85 sensor...
Getting close, let's see if it can manage a 7.2 without putting the front runners on. 
Pump E85, PCM/TCM tune, Gutted factory cats, 17inch rear wheel
FB IMG 1563760714315
Carolina dragway 7/20/19
Badass pic from Carolina Dragway
Awesome night at Street Warz ended up winning the 2008+ NA class
2018 Camaro SS
059 SCT charlotte
Test pass vs a bolt on Coyote
Removed all the heat covers

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