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Xenith Xenons GEN HID Bixenon Install
Betro02 and The_Blur install HID bixenons onto the Camaro LS project.
Betro02 got his huge hand stuck in there. It's a tight squeeze on the passenger side.
This is the bixenon high beams.
This is the bixenons.
These are the OE high beams.
These are the OE halogens.
It's cold outside. What can I say?
Betro02 is using the old light for warmth.
There are places you can use to tie the ballasts and control module to the existing wiring.
I plugged in the battery and tested the light by clicking the unlock button. The light is still wrapped in styrofoam, and it shines this brightly.
Plug all of the other wires where they go.
That plug from earlier attaches directly to the light harness supplied by Xenith Xenons.
Using the same technique, you can ground the system here.
There's the nut secured.
When you drop that nut, it should land right there.
You'll use this nut to secure the cable.
This is how it looks attached.
Go ahead and put your control module positive here.
This is how a detached negative cable looks.
You definitely want to take the negative cable off of the battery while you do this install.
There's your battery cover. Remove it.
There's your spare tire. Take it out.
Pop the truck. Twist this off.
Here's that fuse box. This is where I attached the positive cable. The cable needed revision to fit, but we figured it out.
Find the green objects. Those are your halogens. The driver side is easier to reach than the passenger side because there is a fuse box right there.
Pop your hood.
This is the hood latch. Pull.
Now that your door is unlocked, you can open it. Go ahead.
Start by unlocking your door.
This is a comparison of the HID and the OE halogen.
These are the lights and a bag of nuts, bolts, and washers. There are also 2 plastic ties.

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