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Mid-Engined Corvette Spy Photos

Is this the C7 ZR1?

8 pictures in the gallery

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It seems my earlier opinion that GM would never invest the funds for a very small volume mid-engine Corvette was wrong. These photos do seem to indicate one is in the works. I would suggest this is a chassis development mule, based on the fact that the body is cobbled together from a number of current vehicles. The cockpit is obviously Stingray, the nose Holden. Not sure about the rear. I would guess the extreme width at the wheels is intended to hide the true proportions of the car. I would expect the final car to have a strong family resemblance to the Z06, and certainly nothing like these photos or concept renderings floating on the web.

I wonder if the forum should start a new section for future models? I've seen photos and video of what could be a Grand Sport variant as well.
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From: CarandDriver....

"Behold, mid-engine Corvette fans: The car you’ve waited patiently for Chevrolet to build has finally evolved beyond titillating concepts to the engineering mule revealed here. An 82-second strike by our recon op resulted in 15 frames before security narcs dropped the curtain on this black test car—with its two occupants still inside.

Don’t fret over the pointy-pickup camouflage; more attractive attire will follow. Instead take solace in a cabin hugging the front axle, ample space between the cockpit and the rear wheels for the hot parts, and this Corvette’s crouched and ready attitude.

Full Article Here
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Latest is that there is no "Corvette Zora" in the works.. Some are saying that it will be a Cadillac. I do see what looks like a Cadillac grille in the spy photos. I'm starting to think that it may not be either. What if GM simply produces a "Zora"? Why does it have to be a Corvette? Seems to me that getting rid of the traditional front engine Corvette would be a bad move. There is a lot of tradition there that keeps people coming back. Think about this.. Ford has the GT, you don't see those running up and down the streets, it's an exotic. You do see Corvettes. A mid-engine sports car would likely be on the same level as the GT, predictably $150k and up, and not very many on the streets. Thinking out loud here, only time will tell.
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